• Synthes offers a series of innovative solutions for the treatment of periprosthetic fractures aiming at early and pain-free mobilization of the patient.
    LCP Broad Curved Plate
    The LCP Broad Curved Plate has a wide range of indications in the femur and can be ideally combined with other periprosthetic products.
    Periprosthetic Locking Screw
    Periprosthetic Locking Screws with their blunt tip and extra short lengths represent an ideal treatment option for periprosthetic fractures.
    Locking Attachment Plate
    The Locking Attachment Plate offers angular stable fixation of periprosthetic femoral fractures and is a less-invasive alternative to cerclage.
    Cable System + Trochanter Reattachment Device (TRD)
    The Cable System contains a variety of implants and instruments used for periprosthetic fractures in combination with a plate or the Trochanter Reattachment Device (TRD).
    LCP Distal Femur Plate
    The LCP Distal Femur Plate is the treatment of choice for distal femur fractures and can also be used for periprosthetic fractures.