• LCP Locking Compression Plates merge locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques providing angular stability and compression. In case of metaphyseal fractures, comminuted fractures and osteoporotic bone, clinical results can be improved by the angular stable screw/plate connection. With its comprehensive line of LCP implants, Synthes offers LCP solutions for a broad range of indications.
    LCP Locking Compression Plate
    LCP combi-hole
    Choice between compression and angular stable locking​
    With standard screws:
    Interfragmentary or dynamic-axial compression
    With locking screws:
    Angular stable plate/screw construct with favorable hold also in osteoporotic bone and multiple fragment fractures.
    The periosteum is undamaged and circulation is retained
    The stable plate-screw connection decreases the risk of primary and secondary loss of reduction even under high dynamic loading
    Stable bridging of comminuted fractures.
    The fragments are reliably fixed in their reduced position at the time the screws are locked.
    Low contact profile
    Reduced impairment of periosteal blood supply due to limited plate-periosteum contact.