• Synthes strives for optimal solutions in the treatment of Proximal Femur and Pelvic indications in order to restore quality of life at any given age.


    PFNA with Augmentation Option

    PFNA has improved rotational and angular stability thanks to the PFNA blade as a single head element. The augmentation option is a unique system of controlled cement application through the blade resulting in a greater load bearing surface and significantly increased resistance to cut-out. 


    LCP Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) incl. DHS Blade and Locking Trochanter Stabilization Plate (LTSP)

    LCP DHS incl. DHS Blade and LTSP is designed for the treatment of proximal femoral fractures, and is especially beneficial for patients with poor quality bone (e.g. osteoporosis).


    Proximal Femoral (Hook) Plate

    The Proximal Femoral (Hook) Plate offers angular stable treatment of proximal femoral fractures.


    Low Profile Pelvic System

    The Low Profile 3.5 mm Pelvic System features a wide range of redesigned stainless steel plates in a variety of precontoured shapes (straight, curved, J-shaped, symphyseal).


    Pelvic C-Clamp

    The Pelvic C-Clamp allows rapid reduction and emergency stabilization of unstable injuries and pelvic ring fractures.


    Sacral Bars

    The Synthes 6.0 mm Threaded Sacral Bars offer an additional option for stabilization of the posterior pelvic ring.